Essential Materials of a Trade Show Exhibition
Trade Show Display Ideas

Essential Materials of a Trade Show Exhibition

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Essential Materials of a Trade Show Exhibition

Many B2B marketers overlook the value of trade show marketing for their business. Trade shows are not only a great place to market a new product or service, but they also serve as a great venue to network with other industry veterans, find funding opportunities, and maybe even form partnerships.

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research published a study a few years back that found that 91% of attendees were influenced to buy products/services from the exhibitors present at their trade shows.

It’s always recommended that you come prepared to each trade show with a checklist of crucial materials, as well as a strategic marketing initiative. Hiring a trade show marketing company can help you make a bigger impact at your next trade show and capture more leads by coming up with trade show display ideas.

With this said, we thought we’d share a checklist of eight essential trade show materials you need to bring to your next conference.

Charger Banks

The key to separating yourself from the competition is offering a unique service and reason for people to interact with your booth. We may be starting small here, but offering a charging bank for people to charge their phones and electronic devices gives attendees a reason to engage with your booth. It’s the perfect place to start a conversation and develop a rapport with attendees throughout the conference.


Want another reason for attendees to show up at your booth? Give out some free healthy snacks. Even just offering free water and refreshments is a good way to spark up a conversation with attendees. Plus it will pull in additional traffic from all of the attendees asking where the free snacks are.

Brochures or Business Cards

For every attendee that engages with your booth, give them a business card or brochure with your contact information to engage further. Even if it’s months down the road, one simple business card could be a worth a $10,000 contract. Be sure to hire a great graphic designer to make your business card or brochure stand out from the rest. Make it clear what your business offers and provide informative content that will persuade them to do business with you.


Forget that yellow pad and sloppy handwriting. Instead, bring a tablet where attendees can learn more about your business, make a purchase, or sign up for an email list electronically.  


Honestly, would you attend a business conference if there wasn’t any free swag involved? Free merchandise is a great way to engage your customers, whether you’re giving it away outright or hosting a raffle.

Beyond this, people who wear or interact with your swag will always have your brand top of mind, even if subconsciously.

Interactive Display

So you’ve stocked your booth with some swag and refreshments, but how are you going to keep people engaged? Host an interactive display that explains your products/services or offer a prototype that attendees can hold in their hands and use in real-time. This will significantly separate you from the competition and lead to some easy sales.

An Awesome Booth

This one seems obvious, but don’t settle for a tired old booth. Purchase a prefabricated booth or construct one of your own that is interactive, dazzling, and branded. You will catch everyone’s eye from a room away and become the talk of the trade conference.

A Clear Value Proposition

Finally, clean up your marketing message and make it consistent across all of your products and marketing propositions. Clearly communicate what your business is attempting to solve and why it’s better than the competition. Only then, can create meaningless relationships and follow up on your retargeting strategy.  

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