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Layout Ideas for Trade Show Floors

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Layout Ideas for Trade Show Floors

When you’re planning a trade show, you have a long to-do list to get through before the event starts. One of the most important parts of planning a trade show is planning the floor layout. This is something that takes a lot of consideration. It can also be difficult to do, because what works for one type of trade show isn’t going to be the right fit for every event. There are many different ways you can go with the layout for a trade show, and each one can make a huge difference in how the trade show runs. Before you start planning the layout for your event, think about what types of exhibits you’ll be having and what would make the most sense for them. 

For your next trade show, here are some great layout ideas for the trade show floor. 

Enclosed VIP areas

When many people think of a trade show, they’re likely picturing a large open space, with few obstructions. At first, it might seem like it makes the most amount of sense to keep everything as open as possible. While this can be helpful, it can be even better to include some larger, enclosed spaces. Everyone’s attention will be immediately drawn to that area and they’ll instantly be interested in it. Since this space is noticeably different than the rest, it’s naturally going to draw in the most amount of people. Everyone will want to see what’s going on in this area, which is something you can use to your advantage. By making these areas reserved for VIP guests, you can generate more interest in your event and get people more involved 

Theatre spaces

One feature that will be sure to bring in guests is a small theater setup. If you’re planning to have presentations of any kind during the event, this is the best way to do it. Trade show guests will get to enjoy a presentation or a short informational theme and get a break from having to have face to face communication. By including a theater for presentations, you could also be making it easier for guests to get interested in what’s going on. This can help different companies stand out and make a better impression. 

Charging areas

Trade show planning today requires more thought than it would have a few decades ago. Most trade shows today practically have to be planned around technology and how to make it as accessible as possible. Attendees can be at an event for long hours with little downtime, and you can be sure that each person will have a phone on them. At some point in the event, you’ll have large groups of people needing to charge their phones. Because of this, you need to take charging stations into consideration. This allows guests to charge their phone right from the trade show floor so they never have to miss a moment. This seemingly small gesture will leave guests with a great impression of your event and have them ready to come back for the next one. 

Keep in mind the flow of the room 

When you’re planning the floor layout, one of the most important things to think of the room will flow. Even if you set booths in a certain way, guests might think to navigate the room in a way that you didn’t plan for. This can have to do with the shape of the room or where the doors are located. Understanding where guests might be walking and positing every booth so they can see it ahead of them can help ensure that everyone is getting the most out of your event.

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