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Looking to Host a Trade Show in Beautiful Cincinnati?

Overlooking the Ohio River and home to more elite universities then you can count on two hands, Cincinnati lies in that divide between east coast and midwest. It’s for these reasons that Cincinnati has become an attractive hub for commercial trade that stands tall to this day.

If you’re looking to host a trade show in Cincinnati, then don’t go at it alone. Instead, get hands-on management from an experienced team that has partnered with businesses on trade show management all across the US.

Why Host a Trade Show in Cincinnati?

Cincinnati may not stand out in your mind as a commercial hub, but the city continues to grow to this day and it’s economy continues to expand. Unlike many rust belt cities, Cincinnati remains an economic powerhouse in the state of Ohio and has attracted investors and many entrepreneurs for this very reason.

Besides, between the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden and the Newport Aquarium, there are endless attractions to fill your stay in Cincinnati.

The most popular trade show venues to host at in Cincinnati include:
– Sharonville Convention Center (20,000 square feet)
– Duke Convention Center (195,000 square feet)

There are also dozens of other convention halls and expo centers all throughout Cincinnati to host a trade show.

From ideation to execution on the convention floor, Alliance Exposition can help you market your trade show and acquire foot traffic that is relevant to your event. Become the talk of the town and make time to network during and after events while we take care of the rest for you.

We’ve been in the business of trade show marketing since 2008 and have worked with dozens of trade shows across the US.

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We’ve Worked In Many Hotels And Venues In The Past

Here are some of the most popular.

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