Providence: The Northeast's Premier Trade Show Destination

Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the US, but it’s capital city is also home to some of the most prestigious academic institutions and art museums in the world. Between Brown University and the historic RISD Museum, Providence, Rhode Island remains the epicenter of innovation and scientific research on the east coast.

It’s for this reason, that the Rhode Island Convention Center remains one of the largest and most visited expo centers in the US. If you're looking to host a trade show in Rhode Island, then turn no further than the experts at Alliance Exposition.

Since 2008, Alliance Exposition has been helping businesses manage their trade shows all across the US and even Providence, Rhode Island.

Why Host a Trade Show in Rhode Island

Located between Hartford, Boston, and New Haven, Providence, Rhode Island remains a bustling city of commerce and tech research. Responsible for much of the growth in the state, Providence has become an excellent setting for much of the world’s largest trade show conferences.

In fact, last year, Rhode Island’s economy grew by more than any other state in the northeast. Rhode Island continues to accelerate this growth by luring new businesses with smart fiscal policy and booming tourism industry.

Home to the Northeast International Auto Show and the largest Commercial Marine Expo, the Rhode Island Convention Center boasts some of the largest and most exclusive trade shows in the US. Host your trade show here or anywhere else in Rhode Island with the help of Alliance Exposition.

Our dedicated account team will provide you with exposition consultation services, state-of-the-art technology, and an inhouse graphic design team to ensure your trade show drives results to your business.

With competitive pricing, we will take care of any changes needed to your trade show. We work with all of our customers on coming up with strategies to maximize their floor space potential, without creating waste.

Dazzle your exhibitors and guests alike with a premium show set up from Alliance. We’re ready to book your company’s next big event. Submit your proposal below or call us at (888) 528-2011.


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