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Host a trade show in historic San Antonio!

San Antonio is a true Texan city, rich in its history and cultural pride. With two major sports teams and dozens of other local teams, San Antonio is as much of a sports city as it is a city of the arts. From the Southtown Arts District to the remnants of the Alamo Mission Fort, there is so much more to this great city than meets the eye.

In fact, San Antonio topped the list last year as the fastest growing Texan city. With a nationwide migration of jobs and youth to Texas and other southern states, San Antonio has soaked up the riches of these entrepreneurial opportunities, significantly expanding its economy in the past few years.

It’s for these reasons alone that San Antonio remains such an attractive city for networking and attending industry trade shows. A San Antonio trade show is the perfect opportunity reach to take advantage of one of the fastest growing tech centers, as well as the opportunity to explore a city completely unique from any other in Texas or the United States.

Why Host a Trade Show in San Antonio?

From the BOMA International Conference and Expo to San Antonio’s own Bridal Extravaganza, there are literally hundreds of unique and exciting trade show opportunities for prospective businesses.

In fact, San Antonio is home to some of the state’s biggest convention and expo centers, including:

  • San Antonio Event Center
  • Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
  • Freeman Coliseum
  • Norris Conference Centers
  • Dozens More!

The Henry B. Gonzalez Center is the largest in San Antonio and hosts more than 300 events a year. With 230,000 square feet of exhibition space and central location in downtown San Antonio, the Henry B. Gonzalez Center has become a tourist hotspot.

Hire the Experienced Team at Alliance Exposition

With a dedicated account team at your disposal, state-of-the-art technology, and inhouse graphic designers, Alliance Exposition will provide you with all of the resources required to execute a profitable trade show marketing strategy.

We pride ourselves on being measured by performance and with our trade show management services, you will be assured that your trade show booth gets foot traffic and people talking with your sales staff.

To find out how you can further maximize the return on your San Antonio trade show investment, submit your proposal below or call us at (888) 528-2011. It’s never too early to start planning your trade show event.

We’ve Worked In Many Hotels And Venues In The Past

Here are some of the most popular.

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San Antonio

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