“I’m VERY happy with Alliance in fact, I just re-signed for next year. I’ve been in the industry for around 18 years. I’ve worked both association and corporate so I’ve had large and small exhibit needs. My exhibits with ACMP aren’t huge but they are still very important and we do set up a nice modern 20×20 booth in the center for our needs as well. Before I came on board they had just used Freeman or whatever provider was in-house. I worked with a company 2 years (the first year they were already onboard) and gave them one more year to get it right. They still couldn’t. Our piece of business IMO was not financially important enough for them to give a lot of attention to. This company I had used has just grown so large. Alliance on the other hand is smaller, more nimble and flexible, all of their clients are important to them and really pride themselves on outstanding customer service. They are small enough to give you the attention you need and great pricing but they are large enough that they can still do large shows too. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”