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Nationwide Show Shipping and Handling Services

Material Shipping Services for Hotel Trade Shows

Besides booth furnishings, you and your exhibitors have lots of materials – such as samples, inventory and marketing collateral – that must get to your event.

In many cases, shipping is complicated because there are so many variables and large quantities involved.

So we simplify this process for you.

You see, as The Hotel Show Pros, we have long-time agreements with transportation companies nationwide. This allows us to ship all the materials you and your exhibitors need, at reduced rates, to hotels all over the United States.

This means we have you covered every step of the way. From your office to your booth and back to your office, we handle the entire process. All the packing, shipping and delivering is done for you and your exhibitors.

We can even hold materials until they’re needed.

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The Alliance Advantage

Materials handled and shipped at reduced rates

Storage available at local facilities

Nationwide shipping and delivery

Trade Shows for Businesses

Timely Transportation

As experienced trade show professionals, we have a vast network of transportation experts who you can rely on for your next expo. We offer nationwide transportation and ensure that your goods are in safe hands from the moment you book our services until you’ve successfully completed your hotel show.

We handle packing and transport, ensuring that all your materials arrive on time in pristine condition and ready to impress.

Storage Solutions

Preparing for a trade show well in advance is always a good practice, but it can be problematic when you have all your supplies and materials scattered around the office for weeks. To keep your place of operations clean and clutter-free, we offer efficient storage solutions that will keep all your essential trade show items safe in one place.

We can hold your marketing materials and supplies for as long as it’s needed, so you can rest easy knowing we have your back, even if you encounter trade show delays.

Corporate Events

Competitive Pricing

Handling transportation alone can put a strain on your trade show budget, especially if you’re planning a smaller expo. Many transportation companies offer services exclusively to larger businesses that don’t mind the heftier price tags, so it could be challenging to find transport that doesn’t put a hole in your wallet.

With the Hotel Show Pros, however, you can enjoy affordable trade show shipping and handling services. We have long-standing agreements with transportation companies nationwide and can offer competitive pricing that keeps you and your bank account happy.

CISCO Trade Show

Continuous Support

We know just how hectic trade shows can be – things rarely go according to plan, and you always have to make unexpected adjustments. That’s why we offer continuous, 24/7 support. We provide the utmost flexibility and transparency, keeping in touch with you throughout your trade show.

Inline Booth in Trade Shows

Plan your next trade show with the Hotel Show Pros

At the Hotel Show Pros, we’re dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of service. We’ll streamline packing, shipping, and delivering your trade show supplies and materials and ensure that the entire process is as smooth as possible. Contact us for all your trade show transportation and storage needs.