Trade Show Display Ideas To Get Your Booth Noticed
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Trade Show Display Ideas To Get Your Booth Noticed

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Trade Show Display Ideas To Get Your Booth Noticed

If you’ve ever been to a trade show, you know that the best booths are usually the ones with snazzy displays. Sadly, not every booth receives proper attention, and it’s often because they aren’t visually appealing enough to grab the attention of people passing by.  Having some solid trade show display ideas can do wonders for your booth, as people will feel more inclined to stop by based on visual appeal alone. Here are some trade show display ideas to ensure your booth gets noticed at your next trade show.

Put Your Brand, Product, or Service First

You can have the flashiest display at the trade show, but if your brand, product or service isn’t clear, people will be confused as to what you’re promoting. Be sure your trade show display clearly represents what you’re promoting, and don’t let flashy designs and decorations overshadow your message.  Simplicity is often the most effective way to promote your product or service at a trade show, as people can get overwhelmed by overly complicated displays. Instead of worrying about having the brightest and most over the top display, focus instead on using clear and concise banners and signage to show what you’re promoting, that way people walking by will be able to decide if it’s something they’re interested in.

Use Videos As Attention Grabbers

Something you might want to consider is using videos or slideshows to grab the attention of trade show attendees.  You would be surprised by just how effective putting together a visual aid can be when it comes to increasing traffic to your booth.  This can be done by mounting a television to your booth, or simply placing a laptop or small screen on the table of your booth. Utilizing visual aids to your advantage can be one of your greatest assets when it comes to garnering traffic to your trade show display, simply because many people would rather watch a video than go through the trouble of having to read something.  Using a video to promote your product or service can also get the attention of everyone in the vicinity of your booth, as people will also be able to hear the video and will naturally make their way towards your display.

Offer Freebies and Samples

If possible, try to offer freebies and samples of your product or service.  People are more likely to purchase something if they can try it out first, and giving out samples can actually increase your chances of attracting new customers.  If you are promoting a service rather than a tangible product, consider handing out vouchers for a free or discounted service for new customers. People will appreciate your generosity, and knowing that they can try out your product or service without fully committing upfront will put them at ease when making a decision.  If it’s within your budget, you can also hand out shirts or other promotional merchandise in order to attract people to your booth.

Participating in a trade show can seem daunting for first-timers, but with these helpful trade show display ideas, you’ll be attracting a ton of people in no time!  

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