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Once you’ve picked your hotel and gathered your exhibitors, the next step is ensuring everything fits perfectly, including ample space for attendees. At The Hotel Show Pros, we’ve got every hotel venue layout in the U.S. and specialize in floor planning and design to tailor your event just right. Our expertise at Alliance lies in creating unique hotel trade show experiences, where we use computer-aided design to visualize your entire show, from the registration table to exhibitor locations. We skillfully maximize space and traffic flow, ensuring every exhibitor gets the attention they deserve


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Types of Hotel Show Floor Plans

The axis layout involves a central structure that acts as a beacon, around which are multiple open-aisle areas and elements for engaging visitors, including desks, signage, and other messaging opportunities.

This layout is perfect when you want to send one message or introduce a single product. It includes one focal point (the centerpiece), which means you should consist of graphics and signage that support the core message and compel visitors to stay longer.

The fortress layout is all about exclusivity. A partial or full enclosure gives exhibitors that “je ne sais quois” that entices visitors to step inside for an exclusive, immersive experience. The only challenge is to lure people inside, but that’s where our top-notch graphics, signage, and other messaging opportunities come in.

This is an open-floor layout that sparks conversation, as it’s particularly welcoming and comes with multiple access points and increased graphics visibility. Rather than having a single focal point, it includes various elements all over the place, which reduces overcrowding.

The theater floor layout is ideal for presentations, product demos, or entertainment options that include multimedia. The focal point is theater-like, featuring a big screen, while the surrounding elements should include small monitors. That way, exhibitors can hold people’s attention when a presentation or demo isn’t in progress by displaying any other relevant information.

This floor plan combines different layouts and elements to attract more visitors and extend their stay. With multiple access points enriched with proper graphics, signage, and other top-tier messaging opportunities, visitors can explore all the elements and engage in activities at their own pace.

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