10 Tips to Level Up Your Trade Show Exhibit
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10 Tips to Level Up Your Trade Show Exhibit

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10 Tips to Level Up Your Trade Show Exhibit

There are more than enough reasons for a business to attend a trade show that make them more than worth it. However, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to get the full benefits of attending a trade show. When you’re new to trade shows, this can feel overwhelming. Even those with trade show experience can run into problems. Fortunately, there are a few things that every trade show exhibitor can do to have a great event. 

Here are 10 tips that can help you have a more successful exhibit at your next trade show. 

1. Prepare for the event in advance 

Nothing is ever good when it’s rushed. The same goes for trade shows, which is why you need to start planning for your next one far in advance. You can start planning for a trade show as far as a year in advance. Of course, this isn’t always possible, but the sooner the better. This can help keep you from having to throw everything together at the last minute. Dedicating time to plan can save you from stress the weeks and days leading up to the event and ensures that nothing gets missed. 

2. Research your space before the event

If possible, ask the event for details about where you’ll be placed during the event. While many trade shows will have similar setups and sizes for exhibitors, it never hurts to double-check. This will let you know what space you have to work with. You’ll be able to plan out what will be feasible to bring with you and how you can decorate your booth. By getting this information ahead of time, you can feel relaxed knowing there will be no surprises the day of. 

3. Post about the event on social media

One sure-fire way of making sure that you have visitors to your booth is to let everyone on social media know that you’ll be attending the event. Many of your followers should be people who are already involved in the same industry or people who are interested in it. It’s likely that some of these people will also be attending the same trade show. By tagging the event or using a specific hashtag of the trade show, you can easily be found by others attending it. This will get people interested in your company and give you new connections before the event even begins. 

4. Plan an interactive event 

Anyone who’s been to a trade show knows how difficult it can be to get attention as an exhibitor. You’ll be competing for people to notice you with multiple other booths, all of which are likely very similar. One way you can stand out is by planning an interactive event. This is an easy way to set yourself apart from everyone else. To make this even more effective for your business, make it a requirement to get someone’s information to participate. To do this you can have a game to get people engaged if you have the space for it, or host a giveaway with a prize people actually want to win. This will not only bring more people to your booth, but it also gives you their lead information to easily follow-up after the event. 

5. Make your booth visible 

One of the most obvious ways, but one that many people struggle with, is making your booth visible from a distance. With so much going on, you want your exhibit space to be eye-catching. Events like this are the time when you should pull out all the colors of your brand and your logo to make your company easy for people to see, even from a distance. If you have the space for it, any signage you have is also useful. Even choices that seem small, like the color of your tablecloth, can make a huge difference. Investing -n items like this that you can bring to future events will continue to be useful for years to come. 

6. Hand out promotional items 

Another popular way of getting people interested in your company is by handing out freebies. This can be anything small, like stress balls, pens, or stick-on cell phone wallets. As people pass by, this is a great way of getting their attention. Once they stop by your booth to check out whatever you decide to hand out, you can easily engage them in conversation about your business. By putting your logo on these items, anyone who gets one will have your information and a way of remembering you after the event has ended. 

7. Bring informational literature 

While you should bring fun freebies to hand out, you also need to be sure that you have something information to give as well. Even if you’re a great conversationalist, whoever you’re speaking with will only be able to remember so much. Handing out informational literature about what your company does ensures that they’ll have all the important details after the trade show. There might also be people who are interested but might not have the time for a lengthy conversation. Pamphlets and other types of literature ensure that no matter how in-depth your conversation is, everyone will have the information that you want them to know. 

8. Keep clutter to a minimum

Keeping your space clean might seem obvious, but after working long hours at a trade show, it can be easy to forget about. After a while at the trade show, people might leave things behind after they visit your exhibit, or you might accidentally leave your personal items lying around. You might also bring too many display items that block people’s way to your exhibit. Having too much clutter, whatever it may be, can deter people from coming to speak with you, so it’s important to keep everything clear and open. 

9. Include digital elements in your exhibit

With technology being as advanced and widespread as it is today, many people expect to see this incorporated into trade show exhibits. Digital elements can allow people to engage and learn more in a way that you couldn’t achieve without it. Having TV screens can be a simple way of drawing people’s attention and gives them a chance to see a product or service in action. It can also be easier for them to learn by watching a video, rather than only having a conversation. Even something as simple as having a tablet at your booth for people to look at can be enough to have an impact. 

10. Have the right staff members attending

You already know that all of your staff members have their own specific sets of talents. While you might want everyone to feel included in this, some of them will be better to have at a trade show than others. Exhibiting at a trade show isn’t right for everyone and bringing the wrong people with you could affect how well you do at it. Speaking face to face to dozens, maybe even a few hundred people can be overwhelming for many. Be sure that anyone coming to the trade show can handle this much interaction. 

When it comes to pulling off the perfect trade show exhibit, you’ll likely need some outside help. To ensure that your next trade show runs smoothly, you need to work with a trusted general service contractor. Alliance Exposition Services is the only nationwide general service contractor to focus solely on small to midsize events. For your next trade show, contact us to learn more about how we can help.  

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