How Businesses Use Trade Shows to Promote Their Business
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How Many Businesses Use Trade Shows to Promote Their Business?

Post by allianceexpos August 5, 2019

How Many Businesses Use Trade Shows to Promote Their Business?

Businesses today have plenty of marketing opportunities right online. With so much readily available no matter where you are, you might be thinking that there’s nothing else you need to do. Technology has made it easy for us to get through the day without having to actually interact with anyone in person. However, it’s important to not forget the value that being face-to-face with someone can have. 

Something that might seem out-dated if you don’t follow them, is attending a trade show. You might think that they don’t have many benefits, or that most people don’t enjoy attending them. If you think this way, you could be missing out on something huge for your business. Those who aren’t involved in trade shows might not even realize how popular they are. All across the world, people are taking advantage of attending trade shows. The trade show business brings in billions of dollars each year with thousands of trade shows happening. 

What type of businesses can attend trade shows?

If you’re new to trade shows, you might be wondering just how many businesses use trade shows to promote their business. Smaller or new businesses might not think there’s any place for them at trade shows. Some of the trade shows you might be the most familiar with are the large scale ones with expensive booths and exhibitions. If you’re a large and well-established company that can take on a trade show, you could fit in fine, but these aren’t for everyone. 

Looking at these trade shows can be overwhelming thinking of the competition you’d be facing. Your small business wouldn’t gain much from attending something intended for large companies with the budget to spend on such an event. While these tend to get a lot of coverage for their extravagance, they are not the only ones out there. Fortunately, you’ll be able to find many trade shows that are small to midsize that are perfect for you. Here you’ll be able to be mixed in with businesses similar to the size of yours. 

When many people think about which industries are attending trade shows, some that might stick out are medical, technology, automotive, and agriculture. Don’t get worried about finding a trade show for your industry. Some people assume that their business is too niche to be able to make a trade show work for them. You might find that local to you, you don’t have any businesses similar to you. In the trade show world, you can find an event for any industry. This might be especially good for you if you’ve been struggling to find people with similar mindsets to you. These more specific trade shows will also give you the right type of audience that you want. Sometimes you might have to travel a little further to find a trade show that fits your needs, but it will be worth it. 

Why do so many businesses attend trade shows?

Now that you know how common trade shows are for businesses of all industries and sizes, you might be wondering what makes them so great. There’s no one benefit for attending a trade show. Many businesses that attend the same event have different goals. Trade shows have a lot to offer to your business, so it depends on what you’re looking to achieve. 

Here are just a few ways that attending a trade show could help your business.


No matter what industry you’re apart of, it’s important for you to build good business relationships. While many might assume that trade shows are all about scoping out the competition, something just as important is networking with other businesses attending. By attending a trade show within your niche, you can easily meet up with others that can help boost your business. 

Increasing sales

One of the main reasons most people attend trade shows is to increase their sales. This is also good if you’ve just come out with a new product or service that you’d like to introduce and sell. Depending on the product you sell, you could even sell directly from the trade show. 

Create brand awareness

An especially important benefit for newer business is a trade show’s ability to help you create brand awareness. This is a great way for other companies and important members of your industry to learn about you. Many trade shows might also have media coverage, which is much less expensive than if you were to get coverage on your own. 

Educational opportunities 

You might not realize it before your first trade show, but you have a great opportunity to learn more during it. Being involved in industry trade shows gives you the chance to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments. Your trade show might include some educational sessions or talks with industry leaders that will help you grow your business in the future. 

Get new leads

When you attend a trade show, you know that the other people there are interested in it. They’re paying money to be there, so they’re serious about getting involved with this industry. The right trade show ensures that you’ll be getting qualified leads for your business. 

Tips for a great trade show

To get the benefits of attending a trade show, you do have to be willing to put in some work. Trade shows aren’t always easy, and they can be especially difficult to pull off when you’re just getting started. To be sure that you’re making the most of your next trade show, here are a few tips to follow to help make it great. 

  • Create eye-catching signage. If you’re attending a trade show, you want to be sure to get people’s attention. This includes a creative booth design, and noticeable signs include things like your logo, colors, and a description.
  • Utilize social media. It’s important that you let everyone know you’ll be attending this event and provide information for them. You should also use social media to give updates during the event, as well as create posts about it after it’s ended.
  • Set a goal.  Going into a trade show without a good idea of what you want to achieve could end with you leaving with nothing at all. Ahead of the event, you should determine what you’re trying to get from it.
  • Work with a trustworthy contractor. If you’re looking to host a trade show, you need to know that you’re working with the right contractor. Alliance Exposition works with small to midsize trade shows all across the country so you can be sure your event runs smoothly.  





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