Top Key Factors for a Successful Trade Show Event in 2023

June 06, 2023
Top Key Factors for a Successful Trade Show Event in 2023
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A wave of renewed energy is sweeping across in-person events as we approach the middle of 2023. However, this shift comes with a new set of challenges and trends for event professionals to navigate. The following three crucial considerations will ensure a successful and memorable event.

Managing Rising/Unexpected Costs

Budget management tops the trend forecast for 2023, with concerns over rising costs across various sectors such as staffing, transportation, and food & beverage. Planners must lean on flexibility and creativity to deliver impactful experiences without straining budgets.

Our Tip: It’s crucial to have candid discussions with venues and suppliers about your event objectives and the resources at your disposal. Collaborate and innovate with these partners to find cost-effective solutions that might otherwise go unnoticed.

The Race for Quality Venue Space

The rush of 2023 has created an unprecedented demand for high-quality venues. This resurgence has been faster and more intense than anticipated, leading to increased competition for premier event spaces. Additionally, rising venue costs and ongoing staffing shortages further complicate the search for suitable venues.

Our Tip: Don’t hesitate to leverage your existing network. Reach out to vendors and suppliers who may have established relationships that can help you secure preferred locations, offering your event a unique edge.

PR Evolution Driving Attendance & Sponsorship

Free, hybrid, or fully virtual events in recent years posed a profitability challenge, but they also created a theoretically unlimited audience capacity. In response, show attendance increased and reached a much wider audience than in previous years, drawing in additional sponsorships. As a result, 2023 shows are seeing larger in-person turnouts, driving the need for larger venues and sparking inquiries on additional sponsorship opportunities.

Our Tip: Plan ahead for various scenarios by reaching out to your vendors and suppliers to develop customized solutions that facilitate in-person attendance. Also, explore innovative sponsorship options beyond financial contributions, such as technology partnerships, product demonstrations, and content collaborations. These strategies will add value to your event, create mutually beneficial relationships, and ensure its success.

Navigating the Event Landscape with Alliance Exposition

We understand that the rapidly changing event landscape can seem daunting, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. If you’re facing any of the challenges outlined above and need assistance, the team at Alliance Exposition is ready and eager to help. We bring years of experience and a wealth of resources to the table, ensuring that your event, irrespective of its size or nature, is a resounding success.

Connect with us today, and let’s make your next event a memorable one!

June 06, 2023
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