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Securing More Exhibitors: Best Practices for Trade Show Success

Securing More Exhibitors: Best Practices for Trade Show Success

Every industry recognizes the immense value that trade shows provide as a marketing platform. As an event organizer, your primary mission is to make your trade show irresistible to top exhibitors, which can be achieved by highlighting how your event can aid their business growth. 

At Alliance Exposition we believe there are 6 main strategies that are crucial to attracting exhibitors: 

  1. Building On Your Reputation: Your event should be considered a premier, annual gathering where industry peers learn about emerging trends, share insights, and cultivate new relationships. Though popular trade shows naturally attract exhibitors, smaller events may need to work harder to fill them.
  2. Sponsorships: Securing recognized and respected brands as sponsors bestows immediate credibility upon your event. A sponsorship by a leading industry brand conveys the quality of your event and can attract more exhibitors and attendees. Creating an appealing sponsorship package and presenting it to the influential players in your industry should be a priority.
  3. Leverage Your Network: Networking is essential to fostering a connected community of industry professionals. As an organizer, you can add immense value by facilitating collaboration opportunities for guests, exhibitors, and sponsors. Your website and social media channels can serve as hubs for year-round discussions about industry trends and developments. Strong relationships with your past exhibitors can lead to new connections.
  4. Elevating Attendee Numbers at your Exhibition: The larger the audience at your event, the more appealing it is to potential exhibitors. Providing information about past attendee demographics, participation statistics, and attendance numbers can be crucial. Consider employing tactics like targeted matchmaking, offering educational opportunities, and hosting enticing social events to boost your audience.
  5. Creating Connections: Attendees are primarily interested in networking. Enhance the value of your event by facilitating these connections. By utilizing matchmaking programs, you can align exhibitors with attendees who are interested in their products or services. This way, both parties can have more meaningful interactions.
  6. Providing Educational Opportunities & Social Events: Offering sessions for learning and development attracts professionals from all industries who are keen to upgrade their skills. By combining networking and learning opportunities, attendees will have more reasons to participate in your event. A welcoming or concluding party can boost attendance and extend their stay. In addition, social events serve as networking platforms where attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors can interact more casually

If you need support in attracting exhibitors, Alliance is here to help. Regardless of your event’s size or nature, Alliance brings years of experience and a wealth of resources to the table, ensuring it is a resounding success. Let us help you make your next event a memorable one!


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