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Trade Show Convention Display

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Trade Show Convention Display

Some people may oversimplify trade shows and then fall short when the big day arrives. It doesn’t matter how great your business is if you can’t pull off a good trade show display. You can offer the best services and products at the event, but you probably won’t get many visitors to your booth if you don’t have an impressive display to bring people in.

Follow these tips to help make the most of your trade show display. 

Find the right location

Anyone who’s purchased real estate knows the location can make or break something. Location is equally important when you’re finding a spot for your trade show booth. Even if you have a great display, you might not be able to get much out of it if you’re tucked away in a corner. With a great spot, you can even get plenty of people at your booth without even having a standout display just because you’re in the middle of all the action. This is why it’s important to understand what the best areas for foot traffic are in the venue and take advantage that if you’re allowed to choose your spot. 

Make everything easy to understand

Trade shows can often be overwhelming for the senses, especially if you’re attending a larger trade show. Because of this, it can often be difficult to get people’s attention. Someone passing by may really only have a few seconds to take in your display and make the decision to come over to you. It can be tempting when you’re creating your trade show display to want to do as much as you can and include as much information as possible. This might seem like a good way to draw people in, but it’s often ineffective. If your display has too much going on and doesn’t allow attendees to quickly take in your information, you could lose them. Something simple, clean, and easy to read from a distance can be much more appealing to attendees. 

Figure how often you’ll want to attend trade shows

There’s no doubt that attending a trade show and making it successful for your business is expensive. While trade shows are a great way of bringing in more money, it doesn’t mean you have the money to spend to prepare for it ahead of time. The amount of money a trade show display costs get expensive quickly and can affect what you’re able to do with your display. Because of this, some might choose to get displays that are a lower quality to avoid overspending. If you only intend on attending one or two trade shows, this can be enough to get you by for them. However, if you’re serious about getting into trade shows, you need to be willing to make the investment in good displays. You’ll be using these displays every time you attend a trade show, so it’s important to spend the money on something high-quality from the start, rather than having to buy something new next time. Over time as you attend more trade shows, the business you bring in from attendees you meet there can more than pay off the cost of the displays. 

Hire a designer to make your display

If your company doesn’t have a graphic designer who works for you full-time, you should find someone who can take on extra work for you to prepare for the tradeshow. Even if you already have company colors and a logo, you should still consider hiring a designer juts to get everything you need for a trade show created. Many of the people at the trade show will likely have already attended these events in the past and will have expectations for how displays should look that you need to meet. A great trade show display can be tricky to make, so you don’t want to trust just anyone with it. Having a professional make this for you not only ensures that everything will be done correctly, but it’s also one less thing that you have to worry about. 

Show your work

Of course, no trade show display is complete if people aren’t given the chance to get a good glimpse of what your business does. The rest of the display won’t mean much if people can’t get a good understanding of what you have to offer them. When you’re working on your display, keep in mind that you should be including examples of your products or services. These can be displayed in innovative ways to add even more to your booth. You can find interesting ways of including your products in your display to help get people’s attention, or you can create a video that highlights what your company does. This is an easy way of making your display more interactive while also giving important information to attendees. 

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