Tips for Up-Selling Sponsorships at Trade Shows
Tips for Up-Selling Sponsorships at Trade Shows

What are Tips for Up-Selling Sponsorships at Trade Shows?

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What are Tips for Up-Selling Sponsorships at Trade Shows?

Anyone who has attended a trade show in the past understands that sponsorships are an important part of the event. Sponsors are a staple at every successful trade show, and most attendees expect to see them before they even get there. While you might be accustomed to seeing them at these events, it isn’t as it might seem to get them. Getting good sponsors is beneficial for you and them, but it can take some extra work on your part to convince them to get involved with your trade show. 

If you’re looking to host a trade show, here are some tips for up-selling sponsorships. 

Offer time for a presentation

When you’re attending a trade show, one of the most important parts of the event is presentations from leaders in your industry. Attendees look forward to getting new pieces of information and advice from these presentations. Slot times for speakers are also highly coveted, as they’re a great way for businesses to get their messages across. At your trade show, you hopefully have more people interested in being speakers than you have time for. Businesses who sponsor your event are also going to be interested in speaking at it for the good press it can bring. Let them know that there’s a lot of demand to be a speaker, and that their sponsorship can help get them a good time slot. 

Create different tiers 

If all of your sponsors are equal, up-selling can be difficult. Understandably, some companies might be interested in sponsoring the event, but only at a small level. You still want these sponsors involved, but you also need larger ones. By creating a tiered system for your sponsors, you can give more to the sponsors who are giving more to your event. Companies who put more money into the trade show can be given a much larger reward for being involved with it. By offering more incentives for a higher level tier, you can allow people to have more control over what they’re getting out of your trade show. 

Have a limited amount of sponsorships

Many people might think that it’s more beneficial to have as many sponsors as possible. While having multiple sponsors can raise a lot of money, it might turn some great ones away. The more sponsors your event has, the less attention each one has. This can make the event look much less appealing to them. With a limited amount of sponsorship available, each one will get much more from the event than if they had to share space with even more companies. A limited number of sponsorships makes your event look more exclusive and each sponsor more valued. 

Customize sponsorship packages

It’s easiest to create different packages to offer to sponsors. Once you have them determined, all you have to do is let sponsors decide what works best for them. While many sponsors might readily accept what you have to offer, you might have a few who are looking for something more unique. If someone is willing to pay extra for services you might not offer, you should consider doing it for them. Not only will this bring more money towards your event, allowing sponsors to personalize what they get can leave them with a great impression of your event. The next time you host a trade show, they’ll remember and look forward to working with you again. 

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