Useful Survival Tips for a Vegas Trade Show
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What Are Useful Survival Tips for a Vegas Trade Show?

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What Are Useful Survival Tips for a Vegas Trade Show?

Trade shows are packed events by nature. If planned and executed correctly, they are phenomenal opportunities for lead generation, direct sales, networking, face-to-face and social media marketing, and overall brand promotion. Given the huge potential for getting your company’s products and services into the minds of thousands of people on-site and millions more through social media and other online advertising, it behooves trade show participants to ensure they represent themselves in the most effective ways.

With that in mind, today we are answering the question “What are some useful tips for a Las Vegas trade show?” Of all the locations we could choose to focus on, why Las Vegas? It’s primarily because the city is located in one of the most business-friendly states in the country. Nevada does not collect personal or business income taxes, and you can see immediately how this would make a bustling city such as Las Vegas an attractive place for a start-up or mid-size company looking to take off.

If you are in that position, Las Vegas trade shows, organized by high-quality trade show companies, could do you a world of good. Of course, trade shows have to be implemented with both style and substance to have their desired effects. Below are three tips for companies to survive a Las Vegas trade show and come out stronger than before.

1.) Do Your Research Beforehand

Learning all you can about the trade show before the actual event is just as important as showcasing your company once you get there. You should be attending shows that attract your target audience and present you with the best possible chance of standing out among the other show participants. To do that, define your purpose for participating in a show. Are you a start-up looking for some general promotion? Or are you a more established enterprise with a stunning new product to offer?

In either case, you may want to avoid those trade shows where a number of strong competitors will be presenting similar products or services. It seems appropriate to go after those shows that focus on your industry, but what kind of extra measures will you have to take to stand out? Instead, consider setting up at a more general trade show where you will be more easily noticed for your best qualities. This kind of preliminary research can only help you as you gear up for your trade show engagement.

2.) Leverage the Direct Marketing Opportunities

This tip is really the entire point of participating in a trade show at all. Yes, you are there to spread positive awareness of your brand through demonstrations, photo ops, and social media advertising, but you can’t think too hard about the bigger picture when you’ve got individuals directly in front of you who are looking to learn more about your company, and who could potentially become new customers.

Making that lasting first impression on your audience starts with your booth presentation, and that’s where a skilled exposition services company comes in. Your stand at the trade show should draw in audiences from across the room. What might this involve? You can work with your exhibition contractor to see what designs might be the most eye-catching to audiences, while still conveying enough substance to give people an idea of what you offer.

But attracting those crowds throughout the trade show is only one part of your job. Once you’ve convinced a multitude of strangers to approach you to see what you have to offer, you then have to deliver on your booth’s promises. This is the crux of your attendance at a high-profile Las Vegas trade convention. Give your audience something to do and see once they arrive. Have them play a game for a promotional giveaway or view some interesting facts about your company on an interactive touchscreen device.

It is here that you will attract both current customers and new sales leads. In all cases, present your company in its true light. Showcase your products and services, highlighting all their features that solve problems and address customer needs. Name specific reasons why your offerings are better than, or at least different from, those of your competitors. Don’t forget to learn about your potential customers. Converse with them based on their answers to your questions. These human connections are far more likely to convert to sales than an impersonal follow-up email.

To this point, it is important to staff your booth with those employees who are skilled at discussing the company and forming relationships with people. If you discern that certain members of your team seem to be naturals at closing deals, by all means, send them to your trade shows.

3.) Remember Real-Time Online Marketing of the Show

Your presence at the Las Vegas trade show should be known not only to those in attendance, but also to all your social media followers, everyone on your email subscribers list, and all who view your website.

This is another way of saying that advertising your activities at the trade show are paramount for your marketing strategy. Think of the available opportunities, the exponentially larger audience, you would miss out on if you didn’t share social media photos of your company at the trade show, using appropriate hashtags to ensure the photos are seen by the right groups of people. If your company has a newsletter, include those photos and some blurbs about the event in the next issue and email it to your subscribers. Post the photos on your website. Find ways to get the story out any way you can.

Also, be quick about following up with sales leads you generated at the show. No matter what kind of convention you participated in, the people you spoke with likely talked to a variety of other businesses while there. That means they can forget you fairly quickly if you don’t follow up to remind them why they approached your booth, to begin with. Make people keep you and your brand in mind following the trade show.

You can rely on us at Alliance Exposition for all your corporate event-planning needs, including trade show contracting, booth preparation, audio, and visual transportation, and other exhibit guidance. From conception to execution, our team takes the time to understand your business’s unique situation so we can deliver exactly what you require. Trust Alliance to ensure your presence at that next Las Vegas trade show doesn’t go unnoticed.

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