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Why Do People Go to B2B Software Trade Shows?

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Why Do People Go to B2B Software Trade Shows?

One of the most exciting aspects of trade shows is that they can encompass so many industries, styles, and marketing styles. Trade shows are fun events that consumers and businesses alike enjoy attending. Of course, as trade shows can be geared toward so many specialties, the audiences at these conventions vary from event to event.

Two major types of trade shows are B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business). In this post, we’ll be discussing why people enjoy attending B2B software trade shows.

1.) B2B Marketing Opportunities

This one is obvious, but for the uninitiated, let’s review what B2B marketing looks like and what its purpose is. To start out simply, B2B marketing involves selling goods and services to businesses and other organizations for resale rather than to individual consumers.

With that said, how does B2B marketing differ from B2C marketing? It’s primarily in its tactics. Customers buy things for themselves, either to improve their lives or to have a new experience. Businesses purchase goods and services from other businesses to help their bottom lines. A business would not buy a product from another business unless it knew it could turn around and use that product to reach its own customers more effectively.

A B2B trade show, then, lets businesses assemble in one place to buy and sell products. This is mutually beneficial to all attendees. Direct marketing opportunities abound at such shows, and so these chances are not to be wasted.

2.) See What’s New in the Industry

Trade shows, by design, are meant to attract people to a company’s booth by advertising useful, informative, and even fun interactive activities. In the case of a B2B software show, it would make sense that businesses looking to persuade other businesses to check out their wares would offer some kind of trial version of their software right at the booth. Imagine being able to try out the latest piece of business software on a tablet, or being able to view a presentation of that software on a large touchscreen.

This is one major reason people would attend B2B software trade shows: to see the latest tech for themselves, up close and personal. It’s always exciting to learn what tech companies have been working on recently in the business software area. Perhaps show visitors might attend these events for inspiration, to see what kinds of software are currently popular and build their own products based on what they see. Trade shows, therefore, can be a hotbed of ideas and brainstorming.

3.) Test the Waters

For businesses looking to sell their software products and services, trade shows are excellent opportunities for self-evaluation. That’s because, with customers interacting directly with booth workers and the products they sell, a business can see which sales strategies connect with other companies and which do not.

If a business never applied what it learned about market shifts, it could never fine-tune its approach to sales. Trade shows present sellers with the chance to gauge how attendees are interacting with them and responding to their sales tactics. Whatever is not getting people engaged should be dropped, while home-run strategies should be retained and examined further to see what can be done even better.

In the end, B2B trade shows of any type–but especially in the business software industry–present businesses with enormous opportunities for learning about their audiences, their industry, and themselves. Interacting directly with the organizations who purchase from them helps businesses to tailor their services to changing trends in their particular market. Ultimately, B2B trade shows are win-win opportunities that no organization should pass up.

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