First-Time Exhibitor Checklist for Trade Shows & Conferences

August 15, 2023
First-Time Exhibitor Checklist for Trade Shows & Conferences
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To make the most of your trade show experience, it’s important to measure what you do. Here are a few for getting started with exhibit measurements and metrics that prove value in an event like your next one.

Your exhibit strategy is a crucial first step in any successful event. Before you start planning, make sure that your goals for the show align with those of other marketing initiatives and establish how they will be measured once implemented throughout all aspects of an exhibition. With your show strategy clearly in mind, determine the specific ways you’ll demonstrate impact by driving in potential leads, then what can you do to attract those ideal clients.

First-Time Exhibitor Checklist

  • What is your exhibit strategy? (How many will you attend? And which ones?)
  • Are the goals and objectives for this show clear in mind, or will they change depending on the event?What does success look like?(Increased sales perhaps, or simply getting more people to your booth?)
  • Draft your action plan. (What steps do you predict will help you achieve your goals/outcome?)
  • What tools, information, or giveaways may attract your ideal clients to your booth?
  • What information may they want to take away? Is there a template you can create so you can email them quickly with helpful follow up?
  • Your ideal client is likely to see many potential vendors, what will make your booth memorable? (A display to showcase an informational video, extra seats with water to take a rest, a place to charge their phones with snacks, or helpful totes to hold all of their giveaways?)

Consistency is key when it comes to evaluating your performance. If you change the goals or measurements of what makes an event successful, then be sure that there’s a solid protocol in place for all shows so consistency can guide future decisions about which ones will work best with how much time and energy each provides rewards versus others A consistent evaluation process helps normalize data across different displays—and tells us exactly where we stand relative against other competitors who may have had differing experiences during their showings. Document your show process, so if this is successful, you can be sure to replicate it in the future. With these simple steps in mind, you will be on your way to mastering successful exhibits.

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August 15, 2023
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