How to Elevate Your Event Strategy

August 29, 2023
How to Elevate Your Event Strategy
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In shifts to slow economic conditions, the power of expositions and events remain strong. Connecting to your audience in person is incredibly valuable in building new relationships. However, not every event garners that same outcome. To be competitive and leave a long-lasting impression, your exhibition must have an edge to it. 

Here are a few ways for you to achieve it.

5 Event Strategy Tips

1. Focus on Experience

Your attendees shouldn’t feel that your booth offers nothing more than plain information they could find on your website. You should aim to create a memorable experience for them that involves personalization, story, and engagement. Incorporating technology, props, games and other tools will not only attract more visitors, but leave them with an experience that will stick with them and create a positive association with your brand. 

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Put on a Show 

Production value is an important thing to consider when putting together your booth. It affects the audience’s experience, and shows them that you prioritize details. You can use pictures, videos, audio, back and accent lighting, or even LED walls to stand out and elevate the attendees’ experience. These elements are incomplete without experts to help plan, test, troubleshoot, and produce your event. Having technical difficulties during an event shows your audience that you are disorganized. It is crucial to execute these practices flawlessly. 

3. Keep the Show Going

If you are chatting with someone else, a portion of your audience may not be able to speak to you. However, you can still find ways to engage them while they wait or offer them options to have you follow up. Instead of a clipboard asking for name, number, and email, find a way to elevate that experience. Ideas could be interactive videos that ask for an email to begin, hot topic polls that can collect info to submit their vote, a business card drop box with a give-away raffle, interactive Q&A, and other experiential activities or games as your event goes on. 

4. Get Impactful

Your audience wants to know how your services will help solve their own needs or problems; use cases that show you understand their pain points and your solutions will help solve those. Attendees want to hear about how your business fits into the ever-changing conversations surrounding business goals, efficiency, and sustainability. Instead of listing off corporate achievements, keep attendees engaged by speaking directly to their pain points, providing past client wins, and showing them tailored demos or examples that will help them envision how you can help them. 

5. Be Prepared for Mistakes

Poor execution can quickly derail your event. To avoid on-site hiccups with digital elements and production, work with an experienced and reliable event partner that can assure you will have a flawlessly executed event. A good partner for an event will know to confirm capabilities, test elements out, and exercise creative problem solving. Adaptability is key for events like these, and having professionals in your corner to help is key in executing a successful booth.

Ready to Take Your Event Strategy to the Next Level?

Now that you have these essentials, you can fuel your strategy and head into your next event with the knowledge it takes to bring in more attendees, quality leads, and engagement. 

Alliance has helped the world’s biggest brands connect with audiences for more than 15 years. If you have an event or booth on the books, we’ll make sure every element of your booth helps you reach your audience and make a great impression. Contact us today

August 29, 2023
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