Stay Pandemic-Safe on Hybrid Trade Shows

November 22, 2021
Stay Pandemic-Safe on Hybrid Trade Shows
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If you are under the misconception that hybrid events are complicated to host, we’re here to prove you wrong. It’s easier than you think. They won’t require too much high-end technology like VR, holograms, or augmented reality. Hosting a high-quality hybrid event is possible with the technology we can all access and won’t require years of expertise and experience from you. Let’s look at what hybrid events are and what benefits they can bring to the table.

What is a hybrid event?

As the name suggests, a hybrid event is a combination of virtual and live events. You have a live event with an audience and a virtual component to the live counterpart so that all attendees can take part regardless of where in the world they are located. In a nutshell, a hybrid event incorporates the following:
  • Placing the live and online audience on the same level;
  • Offering an experience to your audience with a viewer-friendly touch to it;
  • Seamlessly integrating technology to carry out communication between your virtual and your live audience.

How to host a hybrid event?

If you are a newbie in hosting hybrid events, there’s nothing that should stop you from making your first a great success. Even the pandemic can’t ruin your plans, so you’ve got the right timing and advanced technology, which is now more accessible than ever. You can contact a trade show general contractor to help you organize your event incredibly, whether you decide to carry it out online or offline. The Alliance Exposition trade show contractor will help you facilitate important connections between your attendees. With such increased connectivity, you can expect your audience retention to improve greatly. Therefore, a trade show contractor can focus on your audience’s connections while improving the retention rate, which is the main point of hybrid events.

Benefits of hybrid trade shows

Here are the top four benefits of hybrid trade shows that can help you understand the positive outcomes of hosting them.

1.    Smaller travel costs

Working from home is the new normal for many companies and their employees throughout the world. Both Google and Facebook announced that people could work from home until the end of the year, leading us to the notion of virtual management. When hosting a hybrid trade show online, you need to know all about virtual broadcasting, which is how you will carry out your hybrid event after all. Taking it to online platforms will save money on travel costs and won’t harm the participation rate in any way.

2.    Collecting insights and data

When you host a live event, you know how many people participated in the event. However, with a hybrid event, you get a headcount, see how, when, and to which extent a participant engaged in the session and when they dropped out.

3.    Greater flexibility

The global pandemic greatly impacted the way we travel and lead our everyday lives. Therefore, a platform for a hybrid event is something you should rely on and fall back on. Investing in hybrid events ensures that you’ll be well prepared for making it a virtual event. Transferring it to a virtual setting ensures that no external forces like the pandemic or a natural disaster can cancel or threaten your event.

4.    Higher audience engagement

A virtual hybrid event offers more opportunities for engagement. The virtual audience can actively participate from their desktop computers or mobile phones, which will allow them to like, share, talk, comment, and more. You can even implement a Q&A session and invite your attendees to ask and answer whichever question they find related to the topic. Using matchmaking software, you can dedicate one area for virtual meetings and the other for in-person meetings. The whole beauty of hybrid events is that you can have both in-person and virtual communication among attendees. Let’s face it – there’s no in-between. One group will like talking in person, while the other will opt for the online option, but the most important thing is that everyone stays safe.
November 22, 2021
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