The Importance of Meeting Face to Face at Trade Shows

October 19, 2021
The Importance of Meeting Face to Face at Trade Shows
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If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of bringing people together and staying united to overcome challenging times. Virtual tools have helped us stay connected over the past year and a half, but nothing beats face-to-face meetings. And when it comes to business events like trade shows, meeting face to face with prospects is paramount for attracting and retaining customers. Still, is it safe to organize in-person trade shows while the pandemic is still raging? Is it irresponsible to ask people to gather indoors so that you could present a new product or service? Let’s find out before exploring the reasons why meeting face to face at trade shows is still so important.

In-Person Trade Shows Can Still Provide a Safe Meeting Space

According to research by Freeman and Epistemix, in-person business events like trade shows are safer than your regular trip to the grocery store – as long as the proper health and safety measures are in place. Over 90% of trade-show participants don’t mind having those protocols in place because they ensure people’s safety and instill confidence in gathering indoors. Since trade shows limit their number of attendees to registered visitors only, there’s no need to worry about overcrowding. The participants can even provide pre-packaged food and beverages to limit hand contact, thus preventing the spread of the virus if anyone happens to be a carrier. Speaking of vaccinations, the research above found that at least 80% of trade-show attendees and 83% of exhibitors have already been fully vaccinated. So, asking people to attend your trade show is not irresponsible, as long as you follow the health and safety protocols to ensure a safe meeting space.

People Would Rather Attend In-Person Than Virtual Events

The research above revealed that 89% of people who attend in-person business events agree that virtual events can replace them. If they had to choose between attending an in-person or a virtual event, 80% would pick the former. People yearn for socializing, especially after being confined to their homes for so long. They want to engage with brands at trade shows and explore their new products. A virtual setting can never provide them with hands-on experience or an opportunity to network with peers.

Seizing Relationship-Building Opportunities

Meeting face to face with prospects at trade shows is crucial for building relationships, generating leads, and converting them into customers. At an in-person event, you have a chance to forge meaningful relationships that might take your business to new heights. You can offer hands-on solutions to consumers, engage them with immersive entertainment like contests or games, and create lasting impressions that will springboard your business to success.

Learning More About the Competitors

Trade shows offer fantastic opportunities to get to know your competitors better. You can learn more about their products or services, customer interactions, marketing strategies, and consumers’ reactions to their offerings. That way, you can better understand how you might be able to stand out. You can’t gain an insight into all of those things during a virtual event, can you? What’s more, you can network with other exhibitors at an in-person trade show, thus opening up more business opportunities.

Need a Partner for Planning Your Next Trade Show?

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October 19, 2021
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