How to Gain Attention for My Exhibition Booth?
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How to Gain Attention for My Exhibition Booth?

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How to Gain Attention for My Exhibition Booth?

The benefits that can come from attending a trade show for any industry are endless. No matter what your goals are for your company, attending a trade show can help you reach them. Of course, doing well at a trade show involved a lot more work than just showing up. Even if you’re attending a small trade show, getting people’s attention can be difficult. Trade shows can often be overwhelming and guests’ attention is being pulled in every direction. You’ll also often see many booths doing the same thing, which can lead you to think that there are only a few ways of presenting your booth at trade shows. 

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help your booth get noticed. Following these steps can help your exhibition booth get more attention at trade shows. 

1. Post about the event ahead of time

Thanks to social media, you can have some control over how well-known your attendance at the trade show is. Many of the people you see at the event might be new faces, but you’ll likely know many of the people there a well. Any time you go to a trade show, you don’t want until you’re there to start drawing people in, you should be doing this far in advance. Posting about the trade show ahead of time can help people get more interested in the event. This allows you to reach out to current customers, clients, and any other connections you have in the industry. Not only can you let people know via social media, but you can send it out to your email list as well. In addition to this, reaching out early to any news outlets who might be there can help your brand get noticed by an even wider audience. 

2. Make your brand clear

There’s no doubt that at trade shows, you have to make your brand noticeable quickly. Someone might pass by with only a few seconds to take in everything at your booth. Guests should be able to see the name of your company quickly. This should be legible even from several feet away. If they can’t, you might not interest them to get them to come over to you. Your logo and colors should be clearly displayed so that everyone can easily identify you. Just by looking at your booth quickly, guests should be able to have a good understanding of what it is that your brand does. 

3. Create a welcoming space

Depending on the amount of space you get for your booth, turning it into a welcoming space can be difficult. When you attend trade shows that give you a large area for your booth, you might be tempted to fill it up with signage and other displays. Making your booth as visible as possible is often recommended to get more attention at trade shows, but this can also hurt you. If you’ve filled your space up, people could feel less comfortable coming up to you. No one wants to be in a cramped, cluttered space, which is exactly what can happen at many trade shows. This can also be difficult to have good conversations, which can end up reducing the number of leads that you get. 

Instead of filling up your space with signage, only do just enough to get people’s attention. Fewer signs and displays can be just as effective when they’re done right. This will help open up your space and make people feel more welcome to come over to you. To make it even more inviting, you can include seating areas. This is perfect to start conversations comfortable and can also bring people in if they’re looking for a moment to rest who you can then get interested in what you have to offer.

4. Offer WiFi or charging stations

Although everyone at a trade show might be busy, you can guarantee that they’ll still need to use their phones for a portion of it. Whether you’re making connections, taking notes, or just taking a break, you won’t be able to stay away from your phone for too long. You also probably know just how quickly you can drain your battery, especially right when you need it. If you haven’t packed a portable charger, which can easily get forgotten when you already have a lot to deal with, you could be left with nothing. One thing that will surely set you apart and make many guests appreciate your thoughtfulness, is by providing charging stations for guests while they’re visiting your booth. 

WiFi in many trade show spaces can also be unreliable depending on where you’re staying. When you take into consideration how many people will be on their phones during the day, the WiFi can be even worse to deal with. Having WiFi available for guests if they fill out a form or give their information is a great way to get new leads and also leave people with a good impression of your brand. 

5. Provide food or drinks

If you’ve attended trade shows in the past, you’ve likely gotten at least a few branded items for free. At that moment these seem fun to get, but they often end up getting thrown away soon after the event is over. While these might not be extremely expensive items, if they’re not getting used, they could be a waste of money. Instead of handing out different items for free, try giving away free food or drinks.

Trade show days can go by quickly, and many people might not have the time to sit down and eat. If you’ve been in a situation like this, you know how frustrating the rest of the day can be when you’re hungry. Free food and drinks are the best ways of getting people’s attention. Few people would turn a free snack down, while many might pass up a chance for another branded keychain. This is a simple way to set yourself apart and bring a lot more traffic to your booth.

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